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Alumni Access Draft: Want the Full Text


Pubget is a search engine for PDFs in the life sciences. They "index nearly 20 million life science research documents, including those in PubMed®. You search it like you would PubMed or Google Scholar. The difference is Pubget gets you the PDF right away."

Open Access Journals

Here are good access points to open access journals available to all

  1. Pubget
  2. OHSU - great list of free journals in the health fields
  3. Heal-WA  - another great list
  4. BioMed Central (BMC)
  5. PubMed Central (PMC)
  6. Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

Become a Preceptor

As a preceptor or clinical supervisor of our students you have access to Pacific University Library Resources.

Contact your school/college for information.

Here is a basic overview of preceptor library services and resources.

Subject Guide

InterLibrary Loan

We do not provide ILL services to our alumni at this time.


  1. Your local public library (may or may not be free)
  2. Loansome Doc - see other box on this page

Digital Repositories

Digital Repositories

Online public digital archives of an institution; deposited by scholars or publishers.

  • eScholarship
    California Digital Library's open access pre-publication and postprint materials, journals, and peer-reviewed series by UC authors.