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Boxer Apps Tutorials: Getting Stared: Accessing Google Sites

Accessing Google Sites

Accessing Google Sites

**It is important to note that Google has created a New Google Sites. Currently the Classic Sites is still what opens when you log in, but we recommend that you create any site in New Google Sites. Read to the bottom of this tutorial for detailed instructions.

There are two ways to access and login to Google Sites.

Way # 1:

  1. First, you can, login to Google Sites with your PUnetID and password by going to

  2. From the top black toolbar at the top, select Services, then Boxer Apps from the pull-down menu:

login to google site

On the BoxerApps page, select Sites:

select google sites     

You will be redirected to the Google Sites home page:

sites homepage

Way #2:

Alternatively, you can access Google Sites by typing this address into the browser's URL field:

You will be prompted to log in using your PUNet email. (Note: Do not use your alias email, use your original Pacific Email address which features your PUnetID.) You do not need to type in a password.  Or if you have multiple Google accounts, you will be asked to select an account to log in with:

log in to google sites

Way # 1:


We recommend that users create all new sites in New Google Sites. 


1. From the page that opens once you log in, select New Google Sites (third fourth link, below the horizontal line).


2. From the window that opens, click the red circle with a plus sign to create a new site. That's it. Now you can begin adding content and designing your New Google Site.