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Boxer Apps Tutorials: Editing Your Site: Creating and Editing a Page

Creating and Editing a New Page

Creating and Editing a Page:


  1. To create a page, select the Create Page button up in the upper right-hand corner.




  1. Wait a moment as the page loads, then name your page something relevant to the topic it will be covering.




  1. Select a template you’d like your page to follow. There are several different options:a Web page; Announcements; File cabinet; List page; and Start page.




A Web page is a simple page with standard text editing options, you can also attach documents.

Announcements function similarly to your standard blog by posting in chronological order from most recent to oldest posts.

File cabinet allows you to upload files from your personal computer and store and organize them for easy access. Anyone following your site will be notified when a new file has been added.

List pages allow you to create lists to easily organize information, subscribers will be notified whenever you add a new list to your site.

Start page is a page made customizable to anyone who views it to show a personalized set of gadgets.


  1. Lastly, select a location for your page as either the first page on your site or under the Home pages tab. You also have the option to select additional locations of your choice.




  1. When everything looks the way you want it to, select Create up at the top. It will take a moment to load, but you should be redirected to your newly created page.



Editing a Page:

  1. Select the page you wish to edit.


  1. To edit a page, simply select the Edit Page button from the upper right-hand corner on the homepage of your site. The editor will take a moment to load.




  1. Once the editor loads, you can edit the title of your page, the body, as well as attach documents and files. The editor works similar to all basic word processors and has all of the familiar options such as font, text size, and Italicizing.




  1. To edit the body or title of your page simply select the corresponding text box. You can use the toolbar at the top of the page to add tables, edit font, and insert images and links.




  1. To attach a file to your page, select the Add Files button.




A second window should open prompting you to select the file you wish to upload.




When you have found it, hit Open.




A loading bar should appear and the file will begin to upload.



To download files off your page, simply click the Download button.




You can also hit the X to delete the file from your page.




  1. When you are satisfied with all of your edits, select Save from the upper right-hand corner.