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Boxer Apps Tutorials: Editing Your Site: Page Templates Changing and Saving a Page

Page Actions: Changing and Saving Templates

Changing Page Templates


  1. Start by selecting the page whose template you wish to change.


  1. Select the More actions button, and from the dropdown menu select Change page template.




  1. You will be redirected to a new page. Select the type of template you wish to use from the dropdown menu.




Your options are:

A Web page is a simple page with standard text editing options, you can also attach documents.

Announcements function similarly to your standard blog by posting in chronological order from most recent to oldest posts.

File cabinet allows you to upload files from your personal computer and store and organize them for easy access. Anyone following your site will be notified when a new file has been added.

List pages allow you to create lists to easily organize information, subscribers will be notified whenever you add a new list to your site.

Start page is a page made customizable to anyone who views it to show a personalized set of gadgets.


You can also choose to apply default content from template.




  1. When everything is the way you want it, select CHANGE.




Save as Page Template

If you really like a page design that you have created and you want to make a copy that you and others can use it, it will be to your benefit to save it.


  1. Begin by selecting the page whose design you like.


  1. Now go to More actions, and from the dropdown menu select Save as page template.




  1. Another window will open, start by naming your template.





  1. Create a description that describes the template and its purpose.



  1. And the select a default location for your template, to change this select change.



Another window will open, you can either search the location you desire or select it from the sitemap.




When you have found the appropriate location, hit SELECT.



  1. When everything looks good, hit SAVE.