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Boxer Apps Tutorials: Editing Your Site: Site Actions: Edit Site Layout

Editing Site Layout

Editing Your Site Layout:

Edit site layout is a very useful tool that easily allows you to modify the format and layout of your site.


  1. To begin editing your site’s layout, select the More actions button, and from the dropdown menu, select Edit site layout.




  1. It will take a moment to load, but the editor will open. There are numerous sections you can edit on your site.




  1. Using the toolbar you have several options:


Allows you to enable or disable a header.


Allows you to enable or disable horizontal navigation.


Allows you to enable or disable the sidebar.


Allows you to enable or disable a custom footer.


Allows you to edit the site width either by using a default option or by selecting your own width.

4. When you have decided what parts of the layout you wish to use you can begin to edit the sections individually. To do this, click on the section of your layout you wish to edit, Header, Horizontal navigation, Sidebar, or Custom footer.



A.)To edit your header, select it from the top of the page by double clicking, this should open up a pop up window.




B.) You can edit the height of your header choosing between the default, the size of the logo you are using, and then a custom option that allows you to customly edit the height. Choose whichever option best suits your needs.



C.) Next, choose the alignment of your header, you can choose to vertically align in using the theme default or from the top, middle and bottom.



You can also align your header horizontally, either using the standard way or aligning it in the center. Again, choose what best suits your needs.



D.) Lastly, select a logo. You can choose between Default domain logo, no logo, and custom logo where you can upload your own image.



E.) When everything looks to be the way you want it, select OK.




Horizontal Navigation:

A.)To edit your Horizontal navigator, select it from the top of the page by double clicking, this should open up a pop up window.




B.) Start by selecting the pages you wish appear on the navigator, to do this select add page.



Next select the page you wish to appear on the navigator.




You can also add links to other places to the navigator by selecting Add URL and copying and pasting a link the page you want in the designated box.






Then using the arrows to the right and the trash can you can order and delete pages you wish to have links to on the the navigator.




C.) You can also check whether you’d like to include links for the Sitemap and Recent Site Activity. Choose in whatever way best suits your needs.




D.) Lastly you can choose how you want things to appear on the navigator. Your options are boxes, tabs, or links. Select the one you think looks best.



E.) When everything looks to your liking, select OK.





The sidebar has many different features that you can edit, along with location, adding a navigator, and adding some text of your choice to the sidebar.


  1. Editing the Format of your sidebar.


  1. To edit the look of the sidebar, select the pencil icon on the sidebar.



  1. A separate pop up should open. Here you can edit the Display of your sidebar. Choose whether you’d like it on the right or the left and then your preferred width.When it looks the way you want it, select OK.



Custom footer:


  1. To create a custom footer, click where it says Click to edit custom footer near the bottom of the page.




  1. A pop up will open that is, essentially, a word processor. Create and write out the footer you want and then select OK.



When everything in your site layout looks complete, select close up at the top to close the format and layout editor.