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Boxer Apps Tutorials: Editing Your Site: Site Actions: Sharing and Permissions

Sharing and Permissions

Sharing and Permissions:


  1. To access Sharing and Permissions, select the More actions button from the toolbar, and from the drop down menu select Sharing and Permissions. You will be redirected to a new page.




  1. At the top of the page, there is a Link to Share which if you provide for someone will give them the ability to edit your site.



  1. Next you can edit who has access to your site. By default, anyone from Pacific University can both see and edit your site. If you would like to change this, select the Change button.



  1. There are numerous different options of people you can share with select whichever best suits your interest.




You can then decide whether you would like that group of people to be able to edit or just view your site.




When everything is to your satisfaction, select Save.



  1. You can also invite people to view or edit your site. You even have the option to make them an owner.




Simply enter the names and emails of the people you wish to give permission to, and then, from the dropdown menu, select the permissions you would like to give them (viewing, editing, or owning).






Hit send when you are satisfied.




6. You can also go more in depth with your permissions, giving certain people permission to edit specific pages only. To access this feature select Turn page-level permissions on.





7. It will take a moment to load, but a sidebar will appear to the left of the sharing information.



8. Now select the page you wish to edit permissions for, and go through the sharing information the same way as before.