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Boxer Apps Tutorials: Editing Your Site: Layout and Navigation

Navigation and Other Options in Your Sidebar

Layout and Sidebar Options:


  1. To create a new sidebar item, select the + located next to the pencil icon.




  1. Once again another pop up should open. There are many things you can add to your sidebar including a navigation area, text (write a message in your sidebar), recent site activity, your personal site activity, a countdown to a specific day, a list of the owners of the site, and lastly it allows you display a page’s author. Add any of these that suit your purpose, and to do that simply select the Add button located next to each option.




  1. The added item will appear on the sidebar. To edit any of the added items simply double click and a pop up will appear with the various things you are allowed to adjust.

  2. To edit Navigation, double click on your added Navigation application.






  1. Start by selecting the pages you wish appear on the navigator, to do this select add page.



  1. Next select the page you wish to appear on the navigator.




  1. You can also add links to other places to the navigator by selecting Add URL and copying and pasting a link the page you want in the designated box.





  1. Then using the arrows to the right and the trash can you can order and delete pages you wish to have links to on the the navigator.


  1. You can also check whether you’d like to include links for the Sitemap and Recent Site Activity. Choose in whatever way best suits your needs.



  1. Lastly you can choose how you want things to appear on the navigator. Your options are boxes, tabs, or links. Select the one you think looks best.



  1.  When everything looks to your liking, select OK.



  1. Float your mouse over the sidebar at the top, a line saying Navigation will show up, double click.




  1. A pop up will open allowing you to configure your navigation. You can give it a title, select how many pages you want to show, and choose to include a sitemap or recent activity. Select the options that best suit your interests and then select, OK.