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Boxer Apps Tutorials: Sharing Files

Sharing Files

Sharing Files

Sharing is an important feature of Google Drive that really makes collaboration on projects completely manageable. You can instantly share your projects with friends, family, co-workers, et cetera allowing them to make changes, suggestions, or view your work.


  1. There are several ways to share files in Google Drive. This can be done individually through the other Google Apps, for instance you can share a file directly from Google Docs, see a tutorial for that here. You can also share a file instantly after you’ve uploaded it, seeing uploading tutorial here. And also, simply by clicking on any file you wish to share.


  2. a) As soon as you upload a new file, in the bottom right hand corner it should tell you the file is completed. There is also a share button. You can select that for easy access.



          b) You can also share files that you have previously uploaded. Right click on the file you wish to upload and select Share…


  1. Either of these methods will open a pop up. In the box, simply type in the name/email of the person you wish to share with.



  1. From the drop down menu, select the editing privileges you wish that person to have. This can either be Editing (allows them to make changes), Commenting (allows them to leave comments on specific areas of your file), or Viewing (which simply allows them to look at your file.)


  1. In the upper right-hand corner of the popup, you can select Get Shareable Link, which will provide you with a URL you can send to anyone allowing them to view the file.




  1. When you have listed everyone you wish to share your file with simply select Done.