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Boxer Apps Tutorials: Basic Tour of Google Drive

Basic Tour of Google Drive

Google Drive Basic Tour


  1. When you first open google drive it will look like this.



  1. In the large middle area of the webpage is where you can find any and all previously saved files to the drive.



  1. On the left, there is a sidebar that allows you to organize your files in different ways for viewing convenience.



  1. The red ‘New’ button allows you to import, and create new files.



  1. This dropdown menu at the time provides different options depending in what viewing mode you’re in for example My Drive or Trash.




  1. The Taskbar has several different actions you can perform.


List View, this organizes your available files into a list format.


Sort Options, this allows you to sort your files in several different ways.


View Details, this brings up a sidebar that allows you view details of a specific document and your overall activity.


Settings, this allows you to download drive, switch drive format, access settings, and go to the help menu.