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Boxer Apps Tutorials: Downloading Your Files

Downloading Your Files

Downloading Files


So you’ve just finished a file using one of Google’s various apps, but you want to save a version of the file to your personal computer or device. Google Drive makes this simple to do, and with very little effort you can download and save any of your work onto your own hard drive. This is useful in instances where you will not have an internet connection for a period of time but want to still be able to access your work.


  1. First off, select the file you wish to download by clicking on it.



  1. Right click on the file, and from the dropdown menu select Download.



  1. Internet explorer may block the pop up allowing you to download, if this happens simply select Allow Once. Then repeat steps one and two.





  1. If it works, the page should reload and a pop up will appear at the bottom of the screen asking if you want to open or save the file.



  1. Select Save. (Note: select the drop down arrow next to save to select a location for the file on your computer.)  




  1. When the file has completed saving, the pop up will say completed, if you wish to view the file simply select Open.