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Boxer Apps Tutorials: Creating Files

Creating Files

Creating Files


Along with being able to Upload your own files on Google Drive, you also have the option to create new files using Google’s other online programs, such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, and Google Slides. You can find tutorials for using those here, here, and here. There are numerous tutorials for Google Docs located here as well. Unlike most online storage sites, this is a feature truly unique to Google Drive and it makes working on projects anywhere all that much simpler.


There are five different file types to choose from, Google Docs (word processor), Google Sheets (spreadsheets), Google Slides (powerpoint presentations), Google Forms (create polls and quizzes), and Google Drawings (allows you to make basic pictures.)


  1. There are several ways to create a file. a) Firstly, you can select the red New button in the upper left-hand corner.


           b) You can select the My Drive drop down menu.



           c) Or you can simply right click in the file storage area.


  1. a) From the drop down menu of the New button select from the different kinds of file types. Initially you will be able to choose between Documents, Slides, and Sheets. But you can also select More, which will give you the options for Google Forms and Google Drawings.



            b) From the My Drive drop down menu select New File. This will bring up the options                for the five different file types.



            c) After right clicking, select New File, and a drop down menu should open providing access to the five available file types.



  1. Select the file type that bests fits your needs. You will be redirected to the Google app supporting that file type and you can begin working on it. (Note: all of your progress on the file will automatically be saved to Google Drive)