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Boxer Apps Tutorials: Creating and Organizing with Folders

Creating and Organizing with Folders

Creating and Organizing with Folders


Folders are a useful for grouping different files together for better organization. Google Drive makes this a simple and easy process.


  1. There are two ways to create a new folder. The first is to select the New button.




            You can also go up to the top, where it says My Drive, and select it.



2.   From the dropdown menu of New, select Folder.



Or from the drop down menu of My Drive, select New Folder…



You can also right click and select New Folder….



3. This should open a popup which will prompt you to name your folder, do this.



4. When you are finished hit Create.



5. The folder will appear above your current files. To view it, simply double click.



6. To move a file into a folder, simply select the file you want and click and drag it to the folder.


You can also right click on the folder, and select Move to…



This will open a popup menu. Select the folder you wish to move your file to, and select Move. (Note: You can also create additional folders here by selecting the folder with plus from the bottom right corner of the popup.)