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Boxer Apps Tutorials: Introduction to Google Docs

Introduction to Google Docs

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Google Docs is an online word processing program that allows you create, modify, and share documents with others. You can access any Google Document that you have created, or that has been shared with you, on any device that has a connection to the internet. For these reasons, Google Docs is a useful tool for papers and other projects. Better yet you never have to worry about saving as Google Docs automatically takes care of that for you.

Google Docs collaborates with Google Drive. Google Docs functions as a word processing software, whereas Drive works as a sort of file database, all of your projects and documents you create will be saved to Google Drive’s unlimited storage space for your later access.

There are many editing features that accompany Google Docs. You have three editing modes to choose from that allow options such as viewing, basic editing, and the ability to track changes made similar to the popular feature in Microsoft Word.

At anytime, you can easily share your work with anyone using Google Docs simple sharing features.

Aside from just documents, you can also create Google Sheets which are similar to an excel graph, Presentations and Powerpoints, and lastly Forms.