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Boxer Apps Tutorials: Collaborating with Google Docs: Sharing a Document

Collaborating with Google Docs: Sharing a Document

Sharing a Document


One of the most useful features of Google Docs, is the ability to share your work with anyone who has an email. There are two different ways to share a document.


  1. You’ve finished your paper and you're ready to share it. The easiest way to do this is to go to the top right corner and select the Share button. (Alternatively, you can select File, on the taskbar, and then Share.)


sharingadocpart1step1.jpg                    sharingadocpart1step1b.jpg

  1. If you have not yet named your document, you will be prompted to do this. (If your document is already been named skip to step 3.) Give your document a name, then hit Save.




  1. A window will open where you can enter the names or emails of the people you wish to share you document with. NOTE: when sharing a document, use your pacific email with PUNet ID, no alias (for example, and not




  1. To the right of the search bar, you can edit the amount of access a person has to the document.




There are three different accessing options editing, commenting, and viewing.

Can edit: The user can edit the document directly.

Can Comment: The user can make edits, but they appear only as suggestions.

Can view: The user can only read or print off the document.


Select the one you find most appropriate.


  1. There is also an option to access a shareable link. Anyone who has this link can access the document.




  1. Click Get Shareable Link to turn Link Sharing on.




There are several access modes you can toggle with the shareable link. Automatically there is an option to allow anyone with a Pacific University email and the link to your document access.




If you wish to have a shareable link for people outside of Pacific or simply allow people access without the link, select More… This will bring up a variety of other options. Save after selecting the option that best suits your needs.




  1. There are also advanced settings. You can access theses by selecting advanced.




Here you can view the people you have allowed access as well as invite new people. There is also a link provided for sharing.


  1. When you are satisfied with all of you sharing settings. Hit Done.