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Boxer Apps Tutorials: Working with Google Docs: Creating a New Document

Working with Google Docs: Creating a New Document

Creating a New Document


There are three different ways to create a new document, the first is through Drive, the second is from the recent documents page, and the third is used when you already have a document open.


Creating A New Document Using Drive:

  1. Go to the upper left hand corner, select New. (In the older version of Drive, it will say Create.)




  1. From the dropdown menu select Google Docs. (Or Doc in the old Drive.)




Creating A New Document on the Recent Documents Page:

  1. The recent documents page is the page that first comes up directly logging into Google Docs.




  1. To create a new document, go to the bottom right corner and select the blue circle with the plus sign.




Creating A New Document When You Have A Document Open:

  1. You’re working on a doc already and you decide you need to open another.



  1. In the upper right corner, on the taskbar, go to File.




  1. From the dropdown menu, select New, and then Document.