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Boxer Apps Tutorials: Introduction to Google Slides

Introduction to Google Slides

Introduction to Google Slides:


Google Slides allows you to make online presentations that are very similar to powerpoints created in Microsoft’s Powerpoint. Add as many slides as you want, pick a unique theme and customize, and make a professional looking slideshow that you can access anywhere.


  1. Select Google Slides from the Google Docs About  homepage located here:




2. Once selected, click Go to Google Slides.




3. This should direct you to the homepage, where you can select the create a new presentation button to begin. Or view previous presentations.





4. Right after creating a new presentation, you will be prompted to select a theme from several presets or upload your own. Click the one you like and then hit OK.




5.Using the Text Boxes, you can add titles, subtitles, and other information.



6. To add additional slides, select the New Slide button. Using the dropdown menu you can select from a variety of preset formats.






7. To add transitions, select Transition... from the toolbar. Then using the menu that appears on the right you can select different ones from the provided options.






8. To insert a textbox, select Text box and the draw one wherever you want on your slide.






9. Lastly, to insert an image select the Image… button. Then from the pop up window, Choose an Image to Upload. Select the image you desire and it should automatically upload onto the slide.




10. If you are unsure how to share your presentation, see the sharing tutorial located here.