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Boxer Apps Tutorials: Introduction to Google Sheets

Introduction to Google Sheets

Introduction to Google Sheets:


Google sheets can most easily be described as Google’s version of the commonly use Microsoft Excel. It can be used to make charts and graphs that efficiently organize information.


  1. To access Google Sheets, select Sheets from the about homepage found here:




2. Select Go to Google Sheets.




3. To create a new sheet select the green plus sign.




4.  To edit the graph, simply select the box you wish to edit and type.




4. To insert additional rows, select Insert from the toolbar and then from the drop down menu you can add rows above, below, horizontally, or vertically.






5. To delete rows or values, select Edit from the toolbar. From the dropdown menu, select what you wish to delete.





6. To share your finished Sheet, you can see the Sharing tutorial, located here.