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Boxer Apps Tutorials: Introduction to Google Forms

Introduction to Google Forms

Introduction to Google Forms:


Google Forms is a convenient way to easily organize and sort  information of any size. You can create polls, quizzes, and surveys. And link everything back to Google Sheets.


  1. To access Google Forms, select Forms from Google’s about  homepage located here:

Google Forms 1.jpg


2.  Select Create a Free Form.


Google Forms 2.jpg


3. You should be directed to the Google Form’s homepage. If it is your first time here, a pop up may come up with a brief description of Google Form’s features. Select Get Started when you are ready.


Google Forms 3.jpg


4. To title your newly created form select the textbox Untitled form, and type in your desired name.


Google Forms 4.jpg


5. To add a description to your form select the Form Description textbox, located under the Untitled Form textbox, and type your desired description.


Google Forms 7.jpg


6. Up at the top there is a box titled form settings. Here you can edit specific settings to your preferences. Many are Pacific University specific. Simply check the options that you would prefer for your form.


Google Forms 5.jpg


If you cannot see the Form Settings box, simply click the sideways triangle to expand the box.


Google Forms 6.jpg


7. There should already by a box available for you to add a question, however if there is not, you can select Add Item, and then from the dropdown menu and select the type of question you want.


Google Forms 8.jpg


Google Forms 9.jpg


8. A box should appear with a form to fill out your question information.


Google Forms 10.jpg


9. Don’t worry if you accidentally selected the wrong kind of question type. You can always change it by selecting the dropdown menu next to Question Type on the form.


Google Forms 11.jpg


Select the type of question you would prefer.


Google Forms 12.jpg


10. Depending on the kind of question that you selected it changes the formatting of the form accordingly. Some examples would be:


Paragraph Text:


Google Forms 13.jpg


Multiple Choice:


Google Forms 14.jpg


And Choose from a List:


Google Forms 14.jpg


11. To name your question, simply select the Question Title textbox and type your question, or other information.


Google Forms 16.jpg


12. Below that is an option to add Help Text, this is purely optional, and is simply additional information to your question to either specify or explain the question better. For instance, for the question ‘How many people are in your family?’  and example of a help text would be ‘not including you.’ To add a help text, simply select the textbox and type in your desired text.


Google Forms 17.jpg


13. For some types of questions, such as multiple choice and choose from a list, you will also need to add options for your readers to choose from. To do this, simply start typing in the option 1 box.


Google Forms 18.jpg


To add another option, select Click to add option or Add “Other.”


Google Forms 19.jpg

14. If you would like any or all of your questions to be required be sure to check the Required Question box.


Google Forms 20.jpg


15. To edit, duplicate, or trash a question look to the upper right-hand corner.


Google Forms 21.jpg


Google Forms 23.jpg


Google Forms 22.jpg


16. When you are done with a question, simply hit the done button.


Google Forms 24.jpg

17. You can continue to add questions simply by selecting the add item button, and repeating the process of filling out the form.


Google Forms 8.jpg


18. When you are finished creating and preparing your questions you can look to the confirmation box located directly below the question box.




In the textbox, you can type a brief message that will be displayed after they confirm their response.



You also have several checkboxes you can review. Select the options that you see to be most appropriate for your situation.




19. When everything looks in order, hit Send form.




20. A window should open which will provide for you both a link you can send out or the ability to input the emails of the people you wish to share the form with. Do whichever works best for you.




21. To preview your live form select, View live form from below the toolbar.




22. To access response, select View Responses from below the toolbar.




This will open up a new window that will allow you to decide how you want your response ordered. You can choose to reuse an existing spreadsheet or create a new one. Choose whatever you prefer. (Note: if you create a new spreadsheet be sure to name it.) You can also choose to not link your form back to excel, in which you should select  Keep responses only in Forms.





For information on how to share, check out the sharing tutorial located here.