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Boxer Apps Tutorials: Creating/Editing Video using YouTube

Creating/Editing Video using YouTube

Creating/Editing Video using YouTube

YouTube is not just for uploading videos! With YouTube's video editor you can create photo slideshows and even put videos together (for example, a video essay for an assignment). To find Photo slideshow and Video editor features login to YouTube first. Once logged-in look for an Upload button on the top right:

Click on Upload button and in the upload page you will find CREATE VIDEOS tools on the bottom right block:

create videos

Click on Edit button underneath Video editor to start the application:In Video Editor application vindow you can start new Project on upper left and bring in and edit different content using different tools on the right and below the Preview video window:

start video editor

To put a video together click on  + New project on top left. YouTube will open up a clean project page where you will see all videos you have uploaded to your account on the right-hand-side. Grab a video you would like to edit and drop it into the timeline sport for videos. You can drop as many videos as you like:

start project

Once your video is in place you will see it in a oreview window on the left and a set of Video Editing controls will open up on the left:

video edit controls

When you are ready to bring next element into your video (like an image or music track), click on the X on top right of the Video Editing controls to get back to the main set of tools:

more video edit

The main set of tools will allow you to add many other types of content to your video by dragging and dropping them into video timeline just like you did with your first video:

video content

Watch this full tutorial which demonstrates how to use all of these tools:

Once you put all the desired elements together click Create video button on upper right:

create video button

YouTube will automatically process and save your new video in your account:

You can always go back to Video editor and find the processed video project under Project pull-down menu and continue editing or remixing it further by putting the coursor over its title and clicking on "Remix" button: