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Boxer Apps Tutorials: Embedding Doc or Form into Moodle

Embedding Doc into Moodle

If you copy your course in Moodle from semester to semester consider creating your Syllabus as a Doc and embedding it into Moodle. This way, you do not have to reapload your Syllabus into Moodle every semester. Instead, you can make shanges to the Doc on the Drive and they will automatically reflect in embedded Syllabus in Moodle.

Embedding a Doc into Moodle requires two steps:
1. Getting the embed code from the Doc,
2. Creating a Page in Moodle and pasting the code there in HTML view.

Getting embed code:

1. Login to your Drive and find the Doc you would like to embed.

2. Open the Doc then click on File —> Publish to the web:

3. In the pop-up window click Publish button:

4. Click OK when asked if you are sure you would like to publish your Doc to the web:

5. Select Embed menu and copy the code displayed:

—> NOTE: if you are embedding Form, instead of Publish to the web click on Embed... under File menu:

Embedding Doc in Moodle:

6. Log in to Moodle and find the course you would like to embed your Doc into. Click  after turning editing on (upper right corner of your course) and select Page under Resourses at the bottom of the pop-up window:

7. In Page editing window type title of your Doc in Name field and click on < > (HTML view) symbol under Page content

—> NOTE: if you do not see all three rows of editing controls, click on Toggle button to open all rows:

8. The < > button will open a pop-up HTML window. Paste the code you copied from your Doc there and click Update:

9. In order for your Doc to display correctly, enter (or copy/paste)  the following code width="100%" height="900" right after ="true" and click Update:

10. Click Save and display in Page editing window to preview your work. Your Doc should take space of the entire page: