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Student Preceptor Resources: Home

Getting Started

Step One

  1. Contact the school or department with which you are affiliated (i.e. School of Pharmacy, School of Occupational Therapy, etc.). 
  2. They will register you with University Information Services. 
  3. You will receive a Pacific user login and password – called a PUNetID.

Step Two

  1. Visit our Distance Learner page for instruction on accessing online resources from off campus

Library Privileges for Clinical/Professional Preceptors

Clinical/professional preceptors are core members of the educational team in Pacific University's health, education, and social work programs, partnering with full-time faculty to provide students with professional mentoring, experiential learning, and site-based teaching. To facilitate their role in working with students, the Pacific University Libraries provides preceptors with  complimentary access to services and online resources (electronic full-text journals, citation databases, e-books, point-of-care resources).

To be eligible to access these services and resources, preceptors must have an official agreement with Pacific University to serve in this capacity (either individual or as part of a broader site agreement). The department or school with which the preceptor has an agreement will request a sponsored network account on behalf of the preceptor; this account will provide access to online resources and services.

Information Resources

Electronic Databases

Available databases include article databases, citation databases, knowledgebases (articles, books, images), and point of care resources. Use the "Subject" drop-down menu to show suggested databases by discipline. Please note: Micromedex is not available to preceptors; LexiComp and Facts & Comparisons are only available under the terms below.**

Electronic Journals

We have over 37,000 full-text electronic journals.

Electronic Books

We have many full-text electronic books in the health fields.  Check our library catalog to find them.


**Terms of Use for LexiComp and Facts & Comparisons

Access to Pacific University licensed resources, including those available through the Pacific University Library, is intended to support preceptor engagement with, and development of experiential learning opportunities for, Pacific students. It is expected that preceptors will utilize these resources ONLY to the extent needed to facilitate student learning outcomes for Pacific students. Access to Pacific-licensed resources is not intended to replace personal or corporate subscriptions, and should not be used by preceptors for commercial purposes. Failure to abide by these terms, Pacific University policy, or the terms of any agreements relating to licensed material will result in loss of access to all Pacific-licensed resources. Pacific University reserves all rights to the material and access to resources is solely within the discretion of Pacific University.  Access to material may be revoked at any time. 

Library Services

Interlibrary Loan

You have access to our wonderful Interlibrary Loan department.  They are very experienced in obtaining resources for you quickly and efficiently. There is no charge to you. We send all journal articles to you in electronic format, and we will ship books to you.

Research/Reference Assistance

Contact the Pacific University Library and ask to speak to a reference librarian:

Tim & Cathy Tran Library (Forest Grove):  877.PAC.UNIV ask for extension 1400 (toll-free); 503.352.1400

Hillsboro Campus Library:  877.PAC.UNIV ask for extension 7331 (toll-free); 503.352.7331