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How to Publish a Scholarly Article: Home

Writing for publication

It is exciting to consider the possibilty of sharing your knowledge with your professional peers by publishing a paper in a scholarly journal.  Publication is an opportunity both to establish your own expertise and to share information that can help improve others' practice or research.

Successfully publishing an article in a journal requires attention to detail, the ability to carefully follow instructions related to your manuscript's structure and style, and a willingness to have your work critiqued by peers (and, of course, good ideas or research to write about!).

This guide will walk you through four of the key topics that you need to consider when writing for publication:

  1. Picking a journal (do this before you start writing!)
  2. Following the journal's author guidelines
  3. Ensuring that your publishing contract gives you the rights that you want/need
  4. Responding appropriately to requests for revisions

If you have questions, please contact me!

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