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Pharmacy Resources

Basic list of resources available to students and faculty at Pacific University

What You Will Find

Each of these databases indexes a set list of journals.

  • There is overlap of coverage. But each of these databases indexes unique journals.
  • If the journal is not indexed in the database you select you will not find articles from it.
  • You may need to search more than 1 database to complete your search.


Disconnect between the article reference/citation and the article itself.

  • These databases provide you with enough information to get the article, etc.
  • Do not necessarily have the full text. You may need to go out of the database to obtain the article, etc. itself.
  • These databases all have the Total Access @ Pacific Link on each citation.
  • Follow the link to
    • link to the journal in electronic format
    • link to the catalog to see if we have the journal in print format
    • link to our Interlibrary Loan department if we do not have it in electronic or print


Traditional Indexing & Abstracting Databases