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Why Start with Background Info?

Reference works are an excellent first stop in your research and are incredibly useful for the following:

  • Getting an overview of a topic
  • Getting topic ideas for a paper topic
  • Discovering words & concepts to narrow or broaden your topic
  • Brainstorming keywords for searching and learning the vocabulary used by authors in that area
  • Learning the key works on a given topic
  • Discovering the key authors on a given topic & Thieme

ASHA is a good source for information on various topics and conditions.

ASHA's Practice Portal offers one-stop access to resources to guide evidence-based decision-making on clinical and professional issues.

ASHA Compendium of EBP Guidelines and Systematic Reviews

    • includes practice guidelines

ASHA Preferred Practice Patterns for the Profession of Speech-Language Pathology

Thieme eCommunicationScience

Point of Care