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Moodle Tutorials: Using Meta Link

Using Meta Link (combining enrollments from multiple course sections into one site)

Meta Link is a useful feature provided in Moodle that allows you to have multiple sections of a course in one Moodle course site instead of in individual, separate ones. This is useful for simplifying and managing courses more efficiently.

1. Start by going to Moodle and selecting the course that you wish to be the "Home Course" for one or more other sections. 

From the Course quick links block in the top left corner of the course page, select Participants. screenshot of moodle

2. Click on the Participants Administration gear in the top right corner and click Enrollment methods.

screenshot moodle page

3. Open the Add method drop down menu:

screenshot of moodle page enrollment methods page

4. Select Course meta link  

Screen shot of a moodle page drop down menu course meta link

5. Enter the name/number of the course whose enrollments you want to link to the Moodle course site in the search box. Click on the course you want:

Screen shot of a moodle page course meta link

*NOTE: If you want students in the Meta-linked section to be in a separate group, select Create new group in the Add to group field:

6. Finally, when you have selected the correct course, select Add Method:



7. IMPORTANT! Remember to hide the original course you linked to the new one as all its information will be visible.