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Moodle Tutorials: End of Semester Checklist

Moodle Basics: End-of-Term Checklist

End-of-Term Checklist

*Click on links to access detailed tutorials for each topic.

1. Update Grades

Add a Column in the Gradebook for any graded work that students did not submit electronically through a Moodle assignment or activity. Helpful Hint: you can use the Perform Bulk Insert option to quickly enter grades if most students earned the same number of points (like for a group presentation or bulk participation score). 

2. Export Grades

If you want to save course grades as an Excel or Google Sheets file, you can easily export grades into a spread sheet. Remember that you can select which grade items to export--if you only need final grades, you can deselect all items in the "Grade items to be included" section (click "select all/none"), and then just select "Course Total". 

3. Archive Your Course

A good housekeeping practice is to backup and archive your Moodle course at the end of each semester. It only takes a few minutes, but allows you to save all student work and grades submitted to the Moodle course, as well as your course content. When UIS needs to delete old courses from the Moodle server, you will have a backup that can be restored at anytime. See Backing up your course to Box for a quick and easy tutorial.

4. Link Next Term's Courses to Moodle

While you're taking care of Moodle business, remember to link next term's courses to Moodle. If the course content is the same, you can Import from the course you are wrapping up. 

Helpful Hint: You can update all dates for Quizzes, Assignments, and other Moodle Activities from a single screen. See this tutorial for updating dates

Helpful to Know . . . . . . . .

Course Availability

Note that students who were automatically enrolled by the Registrar (not manually enrolled) continue to have access to a course for 6 months after the course end date. 

Faculty who were automatically enrolled (not manually enrolled) continue to have access to a course for 2 years after the course end date. If you want to continue to have access to a course beyond 2 years, be sure to manually enroll yourself.

For more information on course lifecycles see Technology Help Desk Moodle Policies.


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