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Woodburn, Library Services

Orbis Cascade Alliance (Summit) libraries nearby

You can be adopted by a Summit library.  

  • If you are in Oregon, Washington or Idaho, you also have access to physical resources from a variety of Summit libraries. If you live near one, ask them about their Visiting Summit Patron policies. Some Summit libraries will be able to "adopt" you as a Summit patron.  Once adopted, you use that library's catalog, and you are able to choose that location for delivery of your Summit items.   This method is often faster than Interlibrary Loan, but this method requires to pick up your materials in person from that Summit library.

What is Summit? 

  • Summit is the shared catalog of the Orbis Cascade Alliance network of 38 libraries in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.  Nearby Summit libraries include Willamette University, Oregon State University, and Chemeketa Community College (Salem location).

How do I get adopted?

  • You will need to visit that library in person, stopping by that  library's Circulation Desk.    Make sure you take your BoxerID card with you to that  (as it will help if you have some sort of documentation that you're a current student).

Summit libraries.

Visit for a list of Alliance libraries.

TIP:   See the WorldCat information pages for other options to obtain physical materials.