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RefWorks to Zotero: Step 2: RefWorks to Zotero migration

RefWorks-to-Zotero .pdf

RefWorks to Zotero migration

Migrating from RefWorks to Zotero can be done in just a few short steps.  You will need the following (see the Step 1:  Installation and account tab):

  1. A Zotero account
  2. The Zotero client installed on your own computer.

You can export your entire RefWorks collection as a whole, or you can migrate it one folder at a time.  Please note that the process will not transfer any files that you have uploaded to your RefWorks account.

Step 1: (Not illustrated)

Select or create a folder in Zotero where you want your citations to go. 

Step 2

Navigate to the RefWorks folder you wish to export or select all your references. Once you are in the folder you wish to export, mouse over the References link in the toolbar and click Export.

Screenshot of RefWorks showing the references drop-down menu.

Select All in List after References to Include..., and select Bibliographic Software (EndNote,Reference Manager,ProCite) from the Select an Export Format drop-down.   Click Export References.

Screenshot of Export References menu in RefWorks.

Step 3

A new tab or window should open with text formatted like the below illustration. 

Screenshot of exported citations.

Click the folder icon in the browser toolbar (circled in red in the above illustration).   A pop-up will open. Click Select All and then OK.

Screenshot of Zotero Item Selector.

Your items should now be imported into Zotero!  Double Check your Zotero library to make sure they transferred. 

If you are importing more than one folder into Zotero from Refworks, follow steps 1 - 3 again with each folder you wish to import. 

RefWorks to Zotero migration video