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Moodle Tutorials: Adding H5P Interactive Videos


Adding H5P Interactive Videos


H5P is a plugin for existing publishing systems that enables the system to create interactive content like interactive videos, presentations, games, quizzes and more! For more information about H5P, visit the website. Moodle allows you to add this type of content wherever you have a Content Editing block. First, turn on editing. Click Add an Activity or Resource located at the bottom of each block week. (2.) Scroll down to and click H5P. (3.) Click Add




You can create your own content or upload an H5P file in the Editor section:


H5P step 4


Creating your own H5P content:




Once you have selected your interactive content type, there are tutorials and examples linked in the editor. Some content types also have a tour:


h5p help


Follow the prompts for your H5P plugin tool to upload content and add in interactions. 


H5P interactions

To finish, Click Save and Display: 


Your H5P plugin will be embedded in your Moodle page: