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Moodle Tutorials: Backing up your course to Box

Backing up your course to Box

Since all Moodle courses get periodically deleted from the system, it is a good idea to make an archive copy of your course and store it in Box. This way, you can always restore this course back in Moodle when needed. The process involves three steps: 

1. Backup the course.

2. Delete backup file from Moodle.

3. Upload backup to Box.

Back up your course

1. Log into Moodle and navigate to the course you would like to back up. Inside the course in Administration block click on Backup link:


2. In the Backup area, select all elements of the course you would like to include and click Next:

backup items

3. In the next step, check every week's items and student data if needed to be included or not in the backup copy and click Next:

weekly items for backup4. The next page will show you the overview of what you have selected to be included with the backup. If you are satisfied with all, click Perform backup. If you need to select more or fewer items, click Previous and go through the selection process again:

navigation items

5. In the next step, Moodle will perform the backup and notify you if it was successful. If you got the "green light," click Continue:

continue screen 6. Moodle will take you to Restore area where your backup file will be listed under Course Backup Area section. Click on the Download link by the file name to download the file to your computer. Do not leave the Moodle Restore page yet!: download backup

7. Make sure the file downloads fully to your computer first then click on Manage backup button in Course Backup Area section: manage backup

Delete Backup copy from Moodle

VERY IMPORTANT that you now delete the backup file from Moodle! Click on the icon of the backup inside Files window:

delete file8. In the pop-up window click Delete:

delete backup

9. And then confirm the deletion:

confirm delete

Now you are ready to upload the backup file from your computer to Box!

Uploading backup file to box

1. Log into Box  ( with your PUnet credentials and in your home directory click Upload button:

upload to box 2. In the pop-up upload window, navigate to the backup file you saved on your computer (hint: it will start with the words backup...), select it and click Open:

upload to box3. In the next upload pop-up window Box will also give you a choice as to where in Box you would like to upload it -- main All Files directory or a specific folder. Make a choice and click Upload:

upload files to box

Your file is now in Box and available to be restored in Moodle at any time! You can find tutorial on how to restore your course from Box here: