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Moodle Tutorials: Creating and Editing Folders


Creating and Editing Folders


Moodle Folders hold collections of files. Many instructors use folders to help organize their readings or other course resources. Please note, Moodle folders only hold files--they cannot be used to organize Moodle activities such as quizzes, discussion forums, or wikis.

1. To create a Folder in Moodle, you must first go to the week or section in which you would like to create the folder, and then select the Add an Activity or Resource link. In the expanded menu select Folder.


2. On the new page, name your new folder (you do not need to add a description). Then proceed to add files into the folder by going to the section entitled “Content.” You can upload files from your computer or drag and drop files directly into the Content window.
moodle screen shot folder editing screen

3. Once you have selected all of the files that you want to be in your new folder, choose to either: Save and return to course or Save and display.


4. After you have already created your folder, you may go back and add more files later. To do this, to the folder and then click the dropdown Edit menu. Then go to Edit Settings.

5. Once you’re in editing mode, you can click Add and Browse to add new files from your computer to your folder. As before you can upload from your computer or drag and drop additional files.

6. Be sure to click Save and return to course or Save and Display, to save updates to your folder.