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Moodle Tutorials: Hiding and Revealing Items

Hiding and Revealing Items

You can selectively hide parts of your course site from students. In this way, you can build sections of your course and hide them until you are ready for students to see them.

Hiding a topic/weekly module:

1. Open the gray Administration gear in the upper right corner of your screen and select Turn editing on:

edit on

2. Open the Section editing menu by clicking on the Edit down arrow to the far right of your section title, below the Section Administration gear. Click on Hide section (look for the open eye icon) to hide the section. Once hidden, the section will appear grayed out and the eye icon will have a slash through it, indicating that it is hidden to students. *Note that the eye icon indicates whether the section is hidden or visible--open means visible, a slash through the eye means hidden. The icon will always be the opposite of the word beside it because the word is what you want to do to the section and the eye is the current status. 

moodle screenshot hide section

3. To reveal the section again, follow the same process and click on Show section.


Hiding an individual resource or activity from Course Home Page:

1. Click on Edit on the right side of the item you wish to change:

edit item

2. Select Hide option from the pull-down menu:

hide items

3. Follow the same steps to reveal the item again.


Hiding an individual resource or activity based on a date in Edit Settings:

You can choose to reveal a resource or activity for a specified date range, or you can choose to have it hidden for a specific date range, depending on your needs. 

To have a resource or activity visible for a specific date range, follow the steps below:

1. Select Edit from the right hand side of the item you wish to hide. Click the Edit Settings beside the resource or activity you wish to reveal at a specified date.

edit settings

2. In the Restrict access section of the resource or activity click on Add restriction...:

add restriction

3. Select Date from the pop-up window.

restrict from

4. Set the date you wish to start showing the item:

moodkle screenshot set date to restrict access

5. To set the date you wish to stop showing the item, you need to add another restriction by selecting Add restriction... again:

restrict until

6. Change Date to "Until" from pull-down and set the date when you would like your item to become hidden again:

until date

7. Click the Save and return to course button.

*Note--You can set dates to achieve the opposite effect: hide an item until a specific date or for a specific date range. Complete the steps above to define the date range and then click on the eye icons to change them from show to hide (open/slash): 

screenshot moodle restrict access show hide icons

Hiding a side block:

You can also hide any blocks that are located on either side of your Moodle Course page. It comes very handy when you would like to de-clatter the page and hide all the blocks you will not be using for the course. Click the gear icon on top right of the block you wish to hide and select Hide ... block:

hide block

The block will change to a gray color indicating it is hidden to students.

To reveal the block again, click the gear icon again and select Show ... block: 

show block

The icon will change back to an open eye and the block will be visible to students.