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Moodle Tutorials: What do all those Icons Mean?

Moodle Basics: What do all those Icons Mean?



When editing is on, different icons appear next to and in the drop down menu Edit  next to each activity in the Moodle course site:


This table will show what each icon is and what it is supposed to do.

Edit Title Use this icon to edit title of activity or resource.

Indent/Outdent Use this icon to move items in each section to the left or to the right.

Move Use this icon to drag or drop items around the course.

Update Use this icon to update information in each section. It will take you to an editing page where you can adjust information or settings in that section.

Duplicate Use this icon if you would like to duplicate/copy an activity or resource.

Delete Use this icon to delete content. You will receive a warning message before you delete items.

Show When the eye is open, content is visible to students. Click on the eye to hide content from students.

Hide When the eye is closed, content is not visible to students. Click on the eye to make content visible to students.

Group Mode Group mode determines what groups have access to the content in each section. Single shadow person means no group. Double shadow means activity has group participation.

Assign Roles This icon is used to assign different roles to people. Ex: Teacher role or Student role. Teachers can do anything within the course, including changing the activities and grading students. Students have fewer privileges within a course.

Help Whenever available, this icon will show information about an item when you click on it.