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Moodle Tutorials: Using Respondus LockDown Browser

Setting up Respondus LockDown Browser

Respondus is a custom browser that creates a secure testing environment by locking down all windows and preventing access to all applications on the computer used for assessment. When Respondus is used, students are locked in this secure mode until they submit their test for grading. At Pacific University Respondus is integrated with Moodle. Students will have to download Respondus prior to assessment. The link to download is automatically provided with the assessment in Moodle. Instructions for students can be found in Student Help Documents

Useful Downloads:

  • Download Respondus LockDown Browser (will take you to external site).

  • Download Respondus Quick Start Guide for Instructors (PDF).


How to set up Respondus LockDown Browser in your course site:

1. Login to your Moodle course shell.

 2. Turn editing mode on by clicking on the button on the upper right:


editing on


3. On the left-hand side locate Add a block (at the very bottom) and select Respondus LockDown Browser from the pull-down menu:




4. Moodle will add Respondus block underneath already existing blocks on the right in your course. To start using Respondus, click on Dashboard. The dashboard will display all the assessments created in your Moodle course on the left and LockDown Browser status on the right. To activate or deactivate LockDown Browser for a specific assessment, click on the Modify Settings button located on the left of each assessment title:







5. In the new LockDown Browser Settings window, you will have a choice of turning the browser on or off:



6. Once you turn the LockDown Browser ON, additional settings options will open up in the window where you can lock students into the browser until the exam is done, allow students to take the exam on an iPad, and allow visually and audio impaired students to use assistive technology (such as screen readers):



7. Don't forget to click Save and Close after you change your settings!


8. Once you turn the LockDown Browser on for a specific assessment, when students access it they will be asked to download and install the LockDown Browser before they will be allowed to take the test:



Instructions on how to install and use the LockDown Browser for students can be found in Student Help Documents




 LockDown Browser Quick Start Guide Moodle Instructor