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Moodle Tutorials: Navigating Your Moodle Page

Navigating Moodle

There are two main page views you will encounter in Moodle: the Dashboard, and individual Moodle course pages.
  • The Dashboard has several main navigation areas: (see image below)

  1. The account @ menu - From here you can go to quick links from your my Account, you can go directly to the Library homepage, or you can click on More to go to additional myAccount services. 
  2. Navigation Drawer - From here you can navigate to your other courses.
  3. Course Overview area - In this section you will see a list of all of your courses. *Note that some of your courses might be hidden. Click "Show all courses" to reveal hidden courses.
  4. Moodle Help & Tutorials block - This link will take you to Moodle help tutorials.

screen shot of Moodle Dashboard view with annotations

  • Navigating within any course can be done in a number of ways:
  1. Bread crumb trail - This bread crumb trail appears on every page. Click on the links to navigate backward toward the course home page and your Dashboard.
  2. Course QuickLinks block - The two most important links in this block take you to your Participants list and the Grade book.
  3. Navigation Drawer - From here you can navigate to your other courses as well as to the Course Calendar. 
  4. Specific Course Activities and Resources - Click on any specific activity or resource to open that content.

screenshot of Moodle course home page with annotations

You can close and hide/delete blocks in the left and right margins to manage the display of your Dashboard and your individual course home pages.
  • Navigation Drawer - You can click on the icon with three vertical lines to open/close the Navigation Drawer on the margin of your screen.

screenshot of Moodle home page Navigation Drawer

  • To hide or delete Content blocks from the right side of the screen:
  1. Click on "Customize this page" to open editing options for your Dashboard screen.

small screen shot of moodle screen with "customize this page" in a blue box

2. Click on the Compass icon to move a block. Click on the Gray gear icon to open an editing menu from which you can Hide or Delete.

3. Click on "Stop customizing this page" to save changes and return to your normal Dashboard view.

screen shot of how to edit a block Moodle page

One of the most important icons is the Administration gear. It is located on the upper right corner of the page, just below your profile picture (look for the Big Gray Gear). The Administration gear houses most of the tools for editing and managing your course and your students. Some of the most useful tools are: Edit Settings, which takes you to Course Setting options where you can control course visibility, start date, format, etc., Turn editing on, Backup, Import, and the Recycle bin, which saves deleted items for 1 week.

screenshot of moodle page with a close up of a big gray gear