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Moodle Tutorials: Self-Enroll in Courses

Self-Enrolling Courses

If your instructor created a self-enrolled course you won't be automatically added to the course as a student and the course won't be displayed in your list of courses on your Moodle homepage. However, it is easy to self enroll yourself into the course if your instructor provided you with the URL address for the course or the course title.

If the URL of the course was provided (such as in this example, copy and paste this URL into your internet browser's address bar and then click Enroll me button:

If you only know the title of the course:

1. Log in to Moodle as you normally would and click on the "Site home" located under Dashboard in Navigation menu on the top left:



2. On the new page enter the name of the course into Search courses box and click "Go" button:

search courses

3. On the Search results page click on the title of the course (if more then one course is displayed make sure you click on the correct one):


4. Moodle will take you to Enrollment options page for that course with the Enroll me button available: