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Tran Library New Student Guide: InterLibrary Loan

A Guide About Tran Library for New Students from a Student.

Requesting from InterLibrary Loan

brown haired young woman avatarInterLibrary Loans (or ILL for short) is a great resource for students to use, but one that isn't very well known. 

Here's a guide for how to use ILLiad, ILLiad is the program used for ILL requests.  

If you're logging into ILLiad for the first time, you will log in with your PUNet ID and password, and then you'll have to create an account. You basically just need to put in your name, student ID, school email address, which Pacific location you are at, and your student status (undergraduate or graduate). It's very easy and simple to set up your account!

Here's a link to ILL's Frequently Asked Questions but I'll give you some information about ILL.

ILL is completely free for students to use. Getting things from ILL will take longer than requesting things from Summit, so plan ahead! Know what you need for your assignments and what you have access to. 

It's mostly used for requesting online articles. If you're ever looking for an article on Pacific's databases and you can't find complete access, request it through ILL. ILL will check all the databases and will give you the article if there's a full version available!