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Tran Library New Student Guide: Printing from Mobile Print Full Guide

A Guide About Tran Library for New Students from a Student.

Ann's Printing Guide

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Printing can be difficult. Here's a full guide to help you print whatever you need and from where ever you are!

Printing Guide

The Library has four printers for students to use. Two are in the main part of the library and two are in the 24-Hour space. Other buildings also have printers.

There are a couple of common problems students have while printing in the library. One is printing from websites or email. With this is better to save the document to the desktop and print from there. 

The biggest problem is printing in color. The easiest solution is to go to mobile print. The link can be found on the pacific site and under "Online Tools". 

An image showing the Online Services page and the Mobile Printing link

When you press the link, it'll take you to the Mobile Print website. I recommend bookmarking this link so you are easy access on your laptop. All you need to do is sign in with your PUNet ID. 

The mobile print log in page

In the website there are a few different option you can use to change how your document prints. First, you'll want to upload your document by pressing the "Upload". You can upload word docs, PowerPoint, excel files, PDFs, images, and more! Once you've selecting your document it should appear in the large white section, and if you've uploaded multiple, they're appear as a list. If your documents don't appear, try pressing "Refresh" sometimes the page just needs to reload. 

Once your document is upload, there'll be a box on the left-hand side of the title, check that box and you'll be able to change the setting. 

You can choose whether is print your document in black and white or color, have it be double sided or single sided, or whether you want to have two pages on a single page or printing one page on one page. You can also choose the number of copies you want printed and which printer you'll use. Most buildings and all the dorms on campus have a printer students can use. If you click on the printing destination, you can search for the printer you want. Most of the printers are named for the building they're in.

Explaining different part of the mobile printing site, how to upload files and change different printing properties


more details about the mobile printing site

Once you have the document how you want it printed, you can press the "Print" button. A small window will appear telling you how much the print job will cost. Black and white pages cost 5 cents per page. Color cost 25 cents per page. In the left bottom corner, you can see how much printing money you have left. Press the "Confirm" button and your document will be printed!

Mobile print showing how much the document will cost to print