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Tran Library New Student Guide: Printing Guide for Library PC

A Guide About Tran Library for New Students from a Student.

Printing from Library PC Full Guide

When you have a document that you want to print in color on one of the Library PCs, go to the Print menu and press on "Printer Properties". This will lead you to a menu to help you print in color!

Press "Printer Properties" to bring to printing menu on Library PC to print in color


A pop-up menu will appear giving you more options. To see the color options, press on "Image Options". 

Press "Image Options" as step two printing in color


In the "Image Options" you can see the color menu. Here, you want to uncheck the "Xerox Black and White Conversion". This sets your document to be black and white even when you want to print in color. Unchecking this box will allow your document to print in color!

Uncheck "Xerox Black and White Conversion"


And this is what the pop-up menu will look like when you uncheck the box. Now you're ready to print in color!

This shows how the menu changes when the "Black and White Conversion" box is unchecked