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Tran Library New Student Guide

A Guide About Tran Library for New Students from a Student.

Requesting from Summit

While the Tran Library holds an impressive amount of loanable items. Sometimes the item a student needs isn't here. This is why the Library has Summit. Within the Summit system about 40 university libraries have teamed up to share their collections. This means that students can see what other libraries have and order it to be delivered to the Tran Library for them. This process can take a couple of days but if you plan ahead, Summit can be a very helpful tool!

When searching in the library catalog, sometimes an item will say "Check Availability". This means that the item may be checked out from the Tran Library. You can press on the book to see if it's available from other libraries. 

Step one of requesting books through Summit, this images shows if books are available in the library


Once you've clicked on the book and your signed into your library account with you PUNet ID, the "Check Availability" will change from an orange color to a green color if the item is available through Summit. From there, you can press "Get It" or "Request through Summit" to start the requesting process!

This shows you how to tell which libraries the books are available in

Requesting items through Summit is a very simple process. Some on the details are already filled in, like the title and the citation type. And the "Specific Volume" box is already checked. From there, you just need to select the delivery location, you'll choose between the Forest Grove campus and the Hillsboro campus. This tells the other library where to send the item. And if you are looking for a specific volume, then you can list that or use the notes section to detail what you want. This can be every useful when checking out TV shows since sometimes the season are broken into different part. Or when requesting a textbook and you need it from a certain year.

This shows the different options you have when requesting books through summit, like selecting drop site

Once you press the "Request" button, your request is sent! It normally takes a couple of days for a Summit item to arrive, but you'll get an email saying when your item is ready to be picked up!

InterLibrary Loan (or ILL for short) is also very similar. However, this system reached out to libraries that aren't in the Summit system and gives students even more access to books and articles they need! ILL is also used by long distance learners!