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Genealogy Sources

A guide to genealogical research with particular pointers for research on people with Oregon and/or Pacific University connections.

Researching Pacific University & Tualatin Academy Alumni

The Pacific University Archivist would be happy to assist with questions regarding Pacific University or Tualatin Academy alumni. Email for help, or visit in person. Note - the Archives are on the second floor of Tran Library, near the elevator.

  • Pacific University & Tualatin Academy Catalogue, 1863-present.
    This annual publication includes the names of students, faculty and staff of both Pacific University and Tualatin Academy (a high school that was attached to Pacific until the late 1910s), as well as information about classes, housing, rules of conduct and other information.  This is not digitized. The sole complete set is in the Pacific University Archives. Email to access. 
  • Pacific University Yearbook, 1894-1996 (not published every year)
    The Heart of Oak contains photographs of alumni and group photos of sports, clubs, Greek life, etc. This is not digitized. A set is in the Pacific University Archives. Email to access. 
  • The Index (Pacific student newspaper), 1894-present
    This newspaper has been published continuously since 1894, on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. This is the best source of information on daily student life on campus. This is not digitized; the only complete set is in the Pacific University Archives. Email to access. 
  • Pacific's Digitized Collections contains almost 20,000 items from the Pacific collections and the historic collections of neighboring museums/libraries. It includes about 10,000 historic photographs and many other early documents from our region. 
  • Pacific's Unique Collections Database contains descriptions of most of the archives and artifacts held by Pacific. Most of these collections are not digitized, but they are open for on-site research.