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History of the British Empire (1815-1914)

This guide provides links to primary and secondary sources related to the History of the British Empire.

History of the British Empire: Secondary Sources

  • BoxerSearch - General place to find Books, E-Books, Journal Articles and more. Easy to limit to online sources only, or easily request millions of books and articles from our network for delivery to your email/in-person. 
  • JSTOR - Excellent source for both current and older historical journal articles on the British Empire. Tip: You can limit to History journals only using the Advanced Search. (Paid database available to Pacific students.)
  • Google Scholar - Indexes millions of scholarly sources -- however, many are not available to you immediately online. You can find access to most articles through Summit. 
  • Academic Search Premier - General-purpose scholarly database, with lots of material that you can access immediately. (Paid database available to Pacific students.)
  • Dissertations & Theses (Proquest) - The top sources of dissertations by Ph.D. and Master's students. A great place to find cutting-edge scholarship. Papers are generally 50-200 pages long with extensive bibliographies. (Paid database available to Pacific students.)
  • More databases