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School of Healthcare Administration & Leadership

A guide to library and information resources for the SHAL programs.

Database Search Tips

* Think outside your search

Don't just use one specific search term - use terms that are more general, or are related to your topic.

* Change is good

If you don't have success at first, change your search terms.  Try synonyms or related terms.


When you find a good article, look at the subject terms or keywords that the database has used to index that article.  Use those terms in a new search.  Speak the database's language - it'll respond.

Start Here: Combination Health & Business Databases

The following databases combine both health and business resources so you can easily search for information on health administration topics.

Business/Administration Databases

These are selected databases that cover content relevant to business, economics and administration.  For a comprehensive list of Pacific University Library databases, please visit the Library's website. 

General Health/Medicine Databases