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Alumni Access Draft: Keeping Current

Alerts from Publishers

You are able to set up alerts with some publishers.

To find out how, go to the publishers main webpage and look for the word "Alerts"

Here is an example from Elsevier.

RSS Feeds

Ebling Library (good list of health journals with RSS feeds)

Recommended RSS Feed Readers

Table of Contents Alerts

Create an alert and be notified by email when a new issue of a journal is available or a journal article is published that meets your search criteria.

Our resources offer a variety of alerts:

  • Search alert - A database will automatically run your saved search and deliver the latest results to your email.

  • Journal issue or Table of contents (TOC) alert - Delivers the latest TOC of a journal to your email.

  • Citation alert - When your saved citation is cited by another article, you will receive the citation of the new article by email.

You can set alerts from (see boxes on this page)

  • Pubmed
  • publishers
  • google

RSS Feed Readers

An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) reader allows you to subscribe to feeds from multiple sources, and keep track of them in one organized place.

There are three main types of feed readers: readers built-in to your web browser, online readers, and desktop readers (which you download to your computer desktop.

*Online readers are best if you are constantly moving between locations/computers.

*Built-in browser readers are some of the easiest to use, and are great if you mostly use one computer.

*Desktop readers will generally offer more options, but they are tied to, well, your computer's desktop.

Automatic Searches - Pubmed

Pubmed (videos may take a little time to load)

Table of Contents Alerts Tutorial

Saved Searchers Alert Tutorial

Google Alerts

Pubget Table of Contents