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Historical Research: New Lanark and Owenism

Getting Started

For Rick Jobs' History class, you will be practicing how historians use primary sources:

Imagine that you are going to write a history paper on New Lanark. You will need to find some Primary Sources to interpret in your paper.  Ideal primary sources would be

  • Created around 1800-1830
  • Raise interesting questions that you might be able to expand into a paper. For example, you might look for documents that demonstrate how people talked about class, gender, or working conditions; how religious ideas intersected with Owenism; or how Owen tried to promote his plans; or how some particular aspect of life at New Lanark worked, such as the education of children

See the Primary Sources tab for more directions and links to sources.


Illustration: Mahoney, James. "Skibereen." 1847. Wikimedia Commons.