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Anti-Racist Resources

Reading Anti-Racism

In order to work against racism and white supremacy, in ourselves and in our communities, we have to understand what we are fighting against: its history, its characteristics and manifestations, its impact on persons of color, and our own complicity. To begin this work, anti-racism educators recommend a starting point: books.

"Read, Read, Read*
Learn more about racism and white supremacy. Reading (or watching or listening) can answer questions and give you the space to work out your own racial identity."

The Pacific University Libraries are committed to supporting our community's work to educate and equip themselves to take action against racism. This guide provides links to books available through the Libraries, as well as recommendations for other access options (for example, public libraries).

*Clarice Brazas, Charlie McGeehan. "What White Colleagues Need to Understand." Teaching Tolerance. Issue 64 (Spring 2020).


This guide is a work in progress. Resources will be updated on an ongoing basis.

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