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Google Scholar

Advanced Settings

Find the Advanced Search by pulling down the (hamburger) menu in the upper left-hand corner.

Learn some tips on using the advanced search features in Google Scholar by following the instructions below:

  • "with ALL of the words"
    Use this line to list the words that your ideal articles will contain.
       obesity legislation children health
  • "with the EXACT PHRASE"
    Use this line to list a phrase that you would like to see contained within your ideal articles.
       preventing childhood obesity
  • "with AT LEAST ONE of the words"
    Use this line to list words that can be mixed-and-matched to create a search. You will get articles that contain at least one of these words.
       legislation BMI obesity diet
  • "WITHOUT the words"
    Use this line to list words that you do not want. This is helpful if your keyword has a synonym.
       JAVA coffee
  • "where my words occur"
    Use this box to tell Google Scholar that you want your keywords to be in the title of any articles. This is an easy way to cut down the number of articles/books in the results list.
  • "return articles AUTHORED by"
    Use this line to search using an author's name.
       R. Brooke Thomas
  • "return articles PUBLISHED in"
    Use this line to search within a specific journal. Watch for possible journal abbreviations.
       medical anthropology quarterly
  • "return articles DATED between"
    Use these boxes to specify a date range.
       2009 - 2012
    * as wildcard symbol
       "*diet" will retrieve: diet, diets, dieting