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History of the British Empire (1815-1914)

This guide provides links to primary and secondary sources related to the History of the British Empire.

British Oceania: Digitized Primary Sources

  • TROVE - National Library of Australia's digital archive. Includes millions of items: historic newspapers, magazines, images, maps, books, etc. 
  • "Aborigines" - books, serials, etc. relating to indigenous Australians, 1830s-1910s
  • Exploration Reports - published accounts of British/Australian expeditions to the interior of Australia, 1829-1900s
  • Missionary Reports - mostly relating to conversion of Australian indigenous peoples, 1837-1915
  • Handbooks for Settlers, Tourists, etc. - 1859, 1871, 1877, 1880, 18861888, 1897, 19081911, 1914
  • Tasmania - books & serials, 1820s-1910s
  • DigitalNZ - Over 30 million digitized archives, books, images, audio-visual files, etc. about New Zealand. Tip for Browsing: Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose a decade; when you get the results, choose the "More" tab, and then select Books, Archives, Manuscripts, etc. 
  • General books/serials about New Zealand, published 1815-1914
  • Maoris and/or Missionary Work - books/serials, 1835-1914
  • Reports, 1840-1914: variety of British government and scientific reports on New Zealand
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