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Step by Step: Interlibrary Loan: How to Download Requested Articles

How to Download a Requested Article

How to download a requested article from ILLiad:

  1. Make sure you've placed a request and gotten an email stating that your article is ready.
  2. Log in to ILLiad with your PUNetID.
  3. The first page you come to will have all current received articles, or if you're on a different page, you can click the "Main Menu" link.
  4. Look for your article and click "View". It will be available as a PDF you can view, download, and print.

If you don't see your article, try scrolling down to Outstanding Requests. If your request is still being processed, it won't appear as Received

If your question isn't answered here, please contact us: | 503-352-1413

illiad screenshot of receiving articles