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Learning - Tips from Cognitive Psychology

Time Management

The key to time management and mindfulness go hand in hand:

  1. Be aware of how you are spending your time. 
  2. Make conscious decisions on how you spend your time so that you are spending it on things that you enjoy and that help you meet your goals.
  3. Reflect on how you spent your time and make small changes for how you plan to spend it in the future.


  • If you decide to spend time doing homework, schedule it in a time and space where you can be productive. Set a goal at the beginning, study with purpose, using evidence-based study strategies, reflect on your study session at the end, and then take a small break to let your mind rest.
  • If you decide spend time doing something you enjoy, take time to enjoy it! Make sure to reflect that you took time for yourself and let it refresh you!

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